The Keto Diet: Time for a Little 'Self Reflection'

What's the Hype Anyway?

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Ahh, it’s 2020, a brand new year, a brand new decade. January, is here, time for new resolutions, time for a new you, new promises, new commitments. A time of self-reflection, self-awareness, enlightenment. I wish I could say the quest to be a better me is what lead me to the famous keto diet, but that would be lying. One thing that I pride myself on, is that I do not lie. Yes, I like many other Americans am “overweight.” I’m not necessarily a fan of the term, because I honestly believe weight is relative. As long as you’re healthy, and there are no significant impacts on your quality of life, I say live your life. Others may disagree, and you know what? You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am mine. Tangent aside, what led me to the keto diet was a wedding. Not mine, of course, I’ve been married for four years now. And not even a friend of mine’s wedding. I know this person exists, but I don’t know this person at all. The wedding is one of my husband’s closets friends. But I’m not trying to lose weight for her. It’s her wedding. All of the attention should be and will be on her. Nope, I could care less how she thinks I look. So who, pre-tell are you doing this for? *Pause*

Now is the time for the “self-reflection” I referenced earlier. I don’t think too highly of myself, I know I’m not perfect, and I’m not oblivious to the fact that other women exist in this world, and who look better than me. With that being said, I still have confidence in myself, and I'm confident, that I am an attractive woman. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you thinking highly of yourself and your appearance. If you don’t, who else will? Nonetheless, there is some room for improvement. I have the dreaded arm flab, my thighs do touch, (ugh), and my arse and hips go on for days. And not a day that you wish would never end, like your wedding day, or a first date, or whatever other glorious event or happening in your life that causes you to feel that way. I’m talking about that day after the time changes, and although it’s ONLY another hour, it never ends. That is how much arse and hips I have. I could be healthier. While I’m addicted to Chipotle, and I feel like I would ACTUALLY die if I had to give it up, I could skip the white rice. I don’t need as much sour cream, if at all, and I could cut back on the guacamole. And I don’t need chips on top of all of that. Probably could drink more water, and it wouldn’t kill me to get up off of my couch and walk/run around the block a couple of times a week. I know these things, but haven’t had too much motivation as of late to act on anything.

Until we got the invitation. Not really, the invitation was a save the date. April 18, 2020. My husband is elated (as am I) for his friend. And why shouldn’t he be? I’m such an AMAZING wife, and have shown him how AWESOME marriage can be, that he wants his friend to have that too right?! (that’s me not thinking too highly of myself). So then I ask the question: Who else is going to be there? My husband knows me. And he knows I don’t care about who else is going to be there, these are people I don’t know, in a state I’ve never been too (Arkansas), he knows what “people” I’m referring to, more specifically the “person.” His ex-girlfriend. Umm, she might be there, I don’t know, they're friends, he replies with a disinterested shrug. Let’s take another *Pause*

Now comes some self-awareness. I’m one of those people who doesn’t get jealous. And no, I’m not one of those people who say they don’t get jealous but actually REALLY does, I don’t. If you have something I don’t, I’m going to see what I can do to get it. I look at it as an attempt to improve my own life, not hate on yours. However, the only person in this world who can get me even close to the emotion is my husband. For reasons that should be obvious. And this ex-girlfriend of his wasn’t just a rebound, a fling, it was a RELATIONSHIP. A, “I bought you an engagement ring and hid it from you, but I planned on proposing relationship.” So naturally, I have problems with her. Insecure. SURE. Am I aware of my insecurity? Yup. SELF-AWARENESS remember it’s a new year.

So naturally, like any other insecure, but a self-aware, self-reflecting woman, I want to see what she looks like. But I don’t have Facebook, for reasons too long to list here, so I have a co-worker look her up. And of course, she looks AMAZING. Like My 600-pound life, where are they now amazing. Like TOTALLY different amazing. Which leads me to the keto diet.

I won’t go into great detail what the keto diet is, you can read more about that here. Essentially, it’s a low-carb, high-fat diet. Your body uses carbs for fuel. The goal of the diet is to essentially deplete your body’s reserve of carbs and force it to use fat for fuel. I personally don’t think it’s sustainable as a lifestyle, but I don’t need a lifestyle, I just need three months. I need that my 600-pound life where are they now amazing, with a dash of an extreme makeover, or maybe Khloe’s revenge body. So I’ve decided to see what this diet’s about, stay tuned for more...